Sunday, 30 September 2012

Reflections in Pubs & Bedrooms

I know summer pictures are overdue, but this is a little update to let people know what I've been busy working on more recently.
I'm taking part in this year's Photomonth, a photography festival that takes place across East London in over 150 venues.
My own contribution will be a series of portraits exploring how the recession has affected the ambitions and expectations of young people (including people who don't fall into the 16-25 age bracket we typically hear). I've chosen to base my portraits in public spaces like pubs and cafes, because they are social places where people open up and discuss.
The exhibition will be a joint venture between me and Estefi Araujo, who will be exploring portraiture from an opposing angle. Estefi will be exhibiting portraits in bedrooms, intimate spaces of daily routines and private moments.
If you're intrigued, please keep an eye out for updates on our dedicated blog here, and come down to the opening on 12th of October (details to follow soon). Everyone welcome!

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